I was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado where I was lucky enough to participate in various outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking.  This upbringing instilled a deep appreciation for landscapes at an early age.  I enjoyed making art as soon as I was old enough to smear finger paints on the furniture (sorry about that, Mom.)

So when the time came to go to college, art was the obvious choice for a major, to my parent’s dismay.  I was on the take-your-time to graduate program and after attending the Univ. of Northern Colorado and Colorado State Univ., I decided that it was time to explore the world beyond Colorado.  I packed up the art supplies and headed to Italy to study art more intensely in the Tuscan countryside.  After completing the study abroad program, I moved to Sarasota, Florida to attend the Ringling College of Art & Design where I FINALLY graduated with a degree in Fine Arts.

After the Florida years, I was yearning for landscapes that were not completely flat.   So I moved to Jackson, WY where the landscape provides much more inspiration for my developing landscapes/townscapes.  I work in faux finishes, sign making, and mural painting in order to support my painting habits.  Last winter, I was lucky enough to spend the majority of the winter in Montecito, CA and sold some paintings gypsy-style on the Santa Barbara pier. This paid for gas money since we were in a very large truck hauling a trailer. So to all of you cynics out there who tell aspiring artist that their art won’t sell until after they’re dead; I beg to differ! We also did some amazing camping, bike riding & painting in the deserts of Arizona and Utah before returning to Jackson, WY for a summer of sign making, my day job.

I will soon embark on a new journey, sponsored by the boyfriend.  This adventure involves grass skirts and fruity drinks with little umbrellas; yes, we are going to Kauai for the winter. I will now be painting island life.  If you feel inclined to help a starving artist, please consider viewing my online gallery or stopping by Grand Teton Gallery in Jackson, WY…….or you can just send me  money.


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