Hardest things in Life

Santa Barbara Harbor

An artist friend of mine says that the only thing harder than painting is having a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. So far I’m finding the relationship thing a piece of cake compared to painting. This one was a struggle!

For the 3 people out there who actually read this blog and want to know our plans, Florida might not be in the cards for us this winter. JT’s parents are having second thoughts about our use of the boat, for various reasons which I don’t know. Anyways, we will be returning to Santa Barbara after spending Christmas in Colorado (provided the truck’s clutch gets fixed in time.)  There is plenty more work here at Miss Havisham’s and JT’s parents also have a condo in Ventura which needs some love.

JT is looking into buying a little boat called a ‘laser.’  I’m happy for JT because he gets to be all nautical but a ‘laser’ sounds like it could be tippy. The water here is cold. So in the new year, if we are not doing home repair or going swimming in the Pacific, we hope to be camping in the desert Southwest.

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