Maybe I should worry more?

JT often goes mountain biking without me because I’m just not extreme enough, I’m actually a chicken shit. Yesterday while biking he falls, probably trying to jump off some ‘sick’ cliff, and comes back all skinned up.  The time before, he sees what he thought was a large dog up the trail. The large dog turns out to be a mountain lion. Upon seeing JT, Miss Kitty runs up the trail, around a bend. Instead of turning back, JT keeps going!!! You can see why I’m not extreme enough because my first reaction would be to piss myself and then go back to the car ASAP. So JT gets around the bend and there’s Miss Kitty, continuing her hike. At this point, JT makes a lot of noise until Kitty decides to run up the hillside rather than use the trail. But what if  she decided that the noise which my boyfriend was making was the noise of an easy meal? I really don’t want to became a worrier, it is not really in my nature to stress all the time. The only thing is that I want to have JT around for awhile.

The Fearless Little Warrior

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