But he looks so sweet


This is Pablo. Pablo is our friend’s dog. Despite his small stature and big eyes, he is not a sweet, cuddly lab dog. He reminds me more of the K-9 version of a frat boy. For example: On Christmas Eve, we went to a nice dinner at our friend’s house. The tables were set, candles were lit, and a home-cooked meal was prepared. So what does Pablo do to entertain the guests? He humps the couch pillow and then pukes all over it.

We have had the pleasure of watching Pablo on a few occasions. He must be on a leash at all times or he will disappear. Where does he go? We found that he will go to wherever there is chicken. Wild, free-range chickens. He hunts them down, renders them lifeless and enjoys devouring his kill until he is scooped up by his caretaker. Game off; until he escapes again. I got to witness Pablo tearing apart a chicken on the other side of a tall wire fence which I couldn’t climb. This was my neighbor’s yard. When JT finally got over the fence and wrenched Pablo away from the chicken, there was a mess of feathers and bird parts. I saw my neighbor later that day and I thought for sure he was going to tell me to go clean up the bloody carcass. Thank god. He only wanted to talk about the weather.

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