Kalalau Revisited

Kalalau Beach Thank you Mother Nature for your amazing artistry! I am humbled. Thank you body for safely carrying me the many miles so my eyes could witness this! Thank you Jakki and Leigh for being my companions. Thank you JT for picking us up at the trailhead. Thank you rescue team whose bravery in retrieving a poor man’s body off a cliff by helicopter has impressed me. My condolences to the family and friends of that man. I’m sorry I can’t bring myself to thank the hippies whose prolonged stay has generated a lot of garbage, wear and tear on the land. I am not shocked or impressed with your nudity, hippie. It’s all been done before and we are all naked underneath our clothes. The more skin you show, the more real estate you offer to the mosquitoes. A creature I do not intend to invite to dinner. I hope I am able lucky enough to return to the Kalalau, which has become one of my favorite places on earth.

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